Going back to the very roots of the condenser microphone design, the NU-314K is a completely unique approach. It explores the natural properties of the popular large diaphragm capsule, but as a true pressure transducer.

The capsule construction itself is also one of a kind, to our knowledge never attempted before in the history of microphone making.

The result is special microphone with a highly desireable and organic high frequency boost and focus, as well as a capacity to capture transients and detail which even puts many SDC microphones to shame.

It’s the obvious candidate for any stereo or Decca tree setup where resolution and musical beauty combined with reliability and low self noise is key, but has a much wider application range as any LDC would. This includes vocal and instrument recording at close distance.

The NU-314K is delivered as a single microphone, a selected pair or triplet or in special cases even 5-6 microphones, all with supermatched capsules.