Welcome to the next level of Studio Microphones

The NU-100K is our latest and most ambitious microphone. We think of it as a new color on the palette of the audio artist… and nothing short of revolutionary. How is it different?

Most high-end studio microphones do one thing exceptionally well. The classic ribbon microphones support voices with depth and richness, but they often disappoint on the high end. Condenser microphones highlight details and capture crispness, but they fail to match the warmth of a ribbon.

Unlike these traditional options, the NU-100K is a new breed of condenser microphone. Due to unprecedented design choices such as an aluminum diaphragm, it has the unique ability to secure crispness and detail (like a good condenser) without sacrificing the silky smoothness and sonic authority we’ve come to expect from the best ribbon microphones.

The result is a truly distinctive sound that will leave you astonished by its captivating beauty and true to life authenticity.

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I have used them on drums (stereo overhead), on church organ (also stereo), mono on vox, sax, flute and stereo on 1/2 concert piano. I can't say anything else but that they have blown me away with every recording. I especially love the unhyped highs. It gives a warm and gentle recording out of the box, but with a high shelf you can bring out those highs in a very beautiful way. They are so versatile!

Martin. We had our first session with your mics yesterday. I can’t begin to describe how incredible the experience was. You have outdone yourself. I have never heard a mic sound so much larger than life. We spent three hours with huge smiles on our faces!! Just incredible!

I have a set in the studio and they sound incredibly good. Not hyped or something. But very realistic and very, very precise. I own and use many standard mics on a daily basis from brands like Neumann, Brauner, AKG, Sony, AEA, Royer, etc. This new microphone has been my go-to mic from the moment I got it.

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