Product description

“When recording piano, the mic beautifully captures small details like fingernails lightly touching the keys. This effect combined with the hammer, the release, the squeezing… all those tiny textures make the stereo image clearer.

The mic really makes the piano sound more spacious… On guitars, it’s amazing how much detail it captures, and yet the tone is very warm. It has lots of low end without being hyped. My father, who listens to all my records, was so impressed with the way the guitars and pianos play together through this microphone.”

“The way the instruments blend so well together and how the whole sound has a clear spark. It is something he’d never heard from our previous records… When it comes to voices, every singer wants their mic to do something special with their voice. They want more than the natural voice.

This mic gives you that nice, enhanced feeling when you hear yourself sing. What you hear is more than your voice, but not so different that it can’t be adjusted with an EQ… It’s just a very good starting point for recording vocals. It can also stack multiple voices exceptionally well.”

Manu Laudic, artist and producer

Technical data

Weight 0,395 kg

Black / Black, Grey / Gold, Gold / Gold

Pickup patterns

cardioid, omni, figure-8


31 mV/Pa (-30.2 dBV)


137 dB(A) @ 1% THD, 6kOhm load

Noise floor


Phantom power

5.3mA, 48V

Output impedance

22 Ohms


192.5 mm long, 38 mm diameter


395 g


Self noise spectrum Download 91,84 KB
Polar response Download 56,42 KB
Frequency response Download 11,45 KB